Sunday, July 31, 2011

My neighbor does not matter.

I went out for a little while tonight but pooped out earlier than I expected. Not that I was physically drained, but knew I had stuff on my mind and things to do early in the morning to avoid the hotter temperatures with an early start.

So I came home with designs on sleep. But if you look at the time for this post, you'll see that wasn't wholly successful. She woke me up again, the Moon.

What do I want with this new cycle? With the answers to that question finally merging in my mind I got up and stepped outside. Enter my neighbor.

I was on the ground in my front yard, literally, fully prone, and talking to myself when the neighbor pulled up in his car. My unfortunate street lamp made it apparent to him where I was and he got out of his car trying to hide his laughter. (You're welcome man, but I'm really just here completing my circuits...). I just stated that being indoors wasn't agreeing with me, so why not just lay down here? Still chuckling and a bit baffled he replied, "Ya I guess that's okay."

Well it is actually, ok. Actually it's great.

The sky and the stars were filling me, hearing my stories and helping me tell them to myself. For me, the best way to do that is on my back with the connection between sky, earth, and spirit completed by getting down on it so to speak.

My neighbor doesn't have to get that.

I'm still laughing.

But at least I got a shot tonight at making my goals a part of the design.

Get down on it! You know you want to.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Gonna have to face it...

I'm addicted to Love!

Don't sing the Robert Palmer tune for me. This isn't quite what I mean. (I certainly don't look like one of those leggy dancers, but I'm finally good with that. Lol!)

But what I am is a woman who knows her heart and what it feels like when it over-flows. I woke today feeling especially tender with thoughts of special people and gratitude for memories.

A long time ago I wanted to feel this. I didn't know it first-hand but I ached to. It came, and then I learned the risks of having it. In the most frustrated of times I nearly wished it away. But as I grew something magic happened.

(Click here for a song.)

Love may not mean having, but it always means giving. I can't erase what I feel but it has matured and no longer does is torture me. I love Love. It makes me feel really alive and I know I can give it without taking.

Real Love isn't selfish. It isn't blind. Real Love happens when we see it all and still would give anything. Real Love endures all things without a focus on suffering. It is patient, it is kind. Sometimes it must define tough boundaries, and this may not mean boundaries for the other...

So instead of asking, "where's my chance at Love," I see I have it already. No one needs to give it to me. I create it.

Be creative.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the Enterprise...

Where is your starship? And who is at the helm?

I seem to have adopted a few alter egos recently as I have moved through stages of keeping my own balance. Balance is not a final event but a continual effort.

On the Starship Enterprise we became acquainted with two equally
engaging character personas. I've mentioned the Vulcan Spock in a few of my entries now. After my last post I began to consider Captain Kirk. James Kirk was a bit of a rogue and quite a lady's man. But when it came to matters of preserving cosmic peace and protecting the interests of the Federation, he never erred.

He followed his heart.

His instincts were strong about where and when to fight, which causes were worth a risk, and when to return for one of his crew. At times his plans seemed so outrageously illogical to his alter ego Spock that his second in command tried to warn him that a good outcome seemed "improbable."

Are you getting my drift?

In the end, Spock understood his place as second in command. When it came to the final word of his passionate Captain, he was always right behind Kirk's shoulder providing the logistics and advice to improve the chances of any mission.

And there we have it; a balance of powers. One without the other in many instances would result in disaster. Many times, the way of the Vulcan might have indeed been safer. But in the end, much more was accomplished by taking those calculated risks.

And so my cosmic journeymen, do not neglect to follow your heart, but be willing to use your built-in checks and balance. Decide with passion, proceed with your wits.

Monday, July 25, 2011

when there's no mind meld

I don't necessarily like it when my Vulcan role is necessary. But it's ok. When the heart is a bit bruised, it's time to protect all parties and think like Yoda, say it like Spock. In other words, leave the negatives out of your dialogue, and say what you mean without attack.

One of the reasons Spock so irritated his foes was their apparent inability to engage him in a dance of conflict. And Yoda, I don't recall that he ever put his advice in terms of what NOT to do.

Therefore, when the unfortunate happens or is done to you, speak honestly about natural consequences and what might have happened instead. Anything we choose to do should then be a logical conclusion, not a reactionary impulse. When we can speak from that place, we have no reason to fear the result of our truthful words.

Would that we all had the power of the "mind meld" to help others see our view. But we just don't. Nor do we perfectly understand anybody else. Therefore, avoid emotional assumptions at all costs and try, try, TRY not to make something personal that just isn't. And whatever you do, act on nothing until any such impulse has passed.

Geesh, this takes a lot of effort. Don't worry, we've all got the time.

Later, vulcanites!
(Ya, I know it's not really a word.)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

For the Yogis

I would like to introduce a new page on my domain, "Yogi Place."  The easiest way to get the word out was by this post which goes out to readers and appears on the main page.  If this topic interests you, please feel free to visit the page online and make comments or email contributions.  Thank you!!

If you have an interest in Yoga, I invite you to share for this page.  I have found Yoga to be a real blessing of the last few months.  Recently, I have decided to bump up my practice and I have ordered a Kundalini Yoga work out to add to my tool box.  I have also been reading about the Yoga diet and have committed that with the coming week, I am proceeding with a detoxification period to begin a more strict approach to caring for my machine.

For those with an Android phone, (and I've also seen the "app" at the iTunes app market) try out one called "Pocket Yoga".  There are many workout combinations in the one program, and you can choose from different flow styles, different work out lengths, and different levels starting with the beginner.  This is good if you have any experience with yoga at all, but be aware that while it is "video" it is animated.  Therefore, the lead in the video is not seen making smooth transitions between poses though if you watch through first, you'll know how she did it.  That said, this has become my favorite yoga program for its variety and challenge.  I've felt myself improve using this program and I'm now able to do both the Shoulder Stand and the Wheel poses.  (Every time I do those, I am keenly aware in my back that I gave birth twice...  LOL)

Another great program is Budokon.  You can find out about it at, but I bought my DVD set a few years ago at Costco.  It's great too.  Though it lacks for variety, the workout begins with about 25 minutes of Vinyasa flow and moves into about 20 minutes of martial arts drills.  For those with exercise habits already established, be assured this one will still challenge you and work up a good sweat.  I still like this workout, and I would recommend a solid week or two with it before alternating with other things to get your variety.

My mom recently told me about a program called Oxycise.  This has been a great asset to my exercise and yoga practice.  It establishes a breathing technique for optimum oxygen intake, which of course makes exercise more aerobic.  You can read about the rationale for the program on site, but I discovered that the practice has made my breathing during yoga workouts more effective.  Instead of the tendency to forget the breath while holding a tough position, I am more aware of keeping the diaphragm active.  Other benefits include improved concentration and a deeper sleep.  Any yoga devotee can appreciate that!

Please feel free to send anything you would like to share to me here.  Yoga workout tips, comments on accessories, successes, or even the Yoga diet would be welcome!  I'm certainly no expert, but mean to make this a cooperative effort.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Logic is for things, not people.

Don't put your Vulcan out to the curb just yet. Logic has a place. But what I'm talking about here is the power of leading with your heart.

Love and truth are powerful. Sometimes through discernment we know which issues are to be responded to with logic. In these cases we can avoid emotional over-reactions based on pattern-based assumptions. These are the times when a picture is worth a thousand words and we remember not to personalize what just isn't, personal.

But let your heart lead. FEEL in matters of love and people. We need this element to imagine how others feel, to retain empathy, and to enjoy things along the way by knowing what makes us and others truly happy. Logic can't compete with giving when another person has more at stake and our heart tells us what to do. (Even Spock knew this in the third movie. Remember the scene in the nuclear reactor.)

I have found I just can't be happy when I relegate all my interactions to logic-based guesswork. In matters of conflict this means simplification and doing no more than is necessary, like the Samurai. But between friends this means honoring my impulses to care without fear of reaction, refusal or withdrawal.

Pretty soon life is going to bring me the happy fulfillment of living and loving as my heart dictates. If this is your only game, you're invited to play along!

Be blessed.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Power to Do, Power to Feel

I have become familiar with the "Powerful Human" creed, climbs, and efforts through my adviser and friend, Joyce.  It is something that I have come to identify with on many levels, personally and as a parent.

My son has a father and step mother who would rather medicate him for what I feel are very mild concerns at most.  My approach would be to TEACH him how to work through things using his own abilities and strengths as much as possible.  The language of Powerful Humans has become a familiar lingo in my home and a fabulous method of empowerment to my son.  We focus on the positives, not the problems, and on the can-dos, not the difficulties.

Yesterday we took a rather advanced hike for a boy of 9 years.  He chose to wear Mom's Powerful Human hat.  We set out through the Tonto Natural Bridge State Park and as we descended through 200 ft elevation in less than 1/2 mile my son never uttered a word of complaint or disbelief.  Then we came to the rocky climbs underneath the bridge.... the way is made by moving from one rock or boulder to another, many of them slick with the spray from a waterfall and dripping from the rock roof above.  

As we climbed closer to the other and narrower side of the bridge a final passage involved navigating several rocks practically foot over foot.  At one point as he viewed his sister and myself scale a large boulder with a passable ledge barely a human foot wide, with slick rock and water below, he simply stated, "Technically I'm scared."  The calm in his voice struck me.  No tears, no refusal to try, just a statement of fact.  I replied, "Yes, that's okay to acknowledge.  But that thought is in your head and you aren't going to allow the fear to overcome you, are you?"  No, he said, as his foot went out to the place I instructed for him and he scaled the boulder with my hand extended to him in case he needed.

Beaming as he took the last step down, he stated, "That's why I wear the Powerful Human hat."  My boy, you OWN that hat.  And he made the rest of our hike in the same fashion, without a word of complaint.  In fact, both my kids even carried out empty water bottles dropped by some who had gone before.

It is with a tearfully happy heart that I acknowledge what this language of the Human Spirit has done for my kids.  Not only are they being built and empowered, but learning to build and empower others as well.  For with power comes responsibility.  Nothing could be finer than knowing and acting on that!


"Powerful Human" is a registered trademark used with permission of the owner.

Fine Friends

My cats are soul mates. He's a big tough fella about twice her size who actually spooks quite easily. She's a spunky little lady who holds her own with him. They amuse me. They share dishes and toys just fine. And sometimes they sit close and just stare each other down. Sometimes she wants his attention and he's just not gonna give it. But if she gets up and leaves the room, guess who follows her? Still gotta know what she's up to, don't ya?

And then there's nature. Nothing they enjoy more than sitting in front of the patio door watching the breeze and the critters out in the back yard. They sit and watch and sometimes that cat chatter they do actually resembles conversation; them looking at each other while they make all their noises.

The other morning they were on the couch facing each other. One paw goes out, then another... A paw to the face just nice and slow quickly becomes a roll on the floor. The retreat follows only to see the cycle start again.

Yesterday she had a terrible morning at the hands of my son with a hair clip to her tail... Not too fun. He was nearly as stressed as she; very interesting to watch their behavior as he tried to approach her and investigate once he sensed she needed help. When her pounding heart calmed down, it was the companionship of her feline friend that provided the the final healing effect. The cycle goes on.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the Lost Highway

I needed a car repair and it was done yesterday. Kids and I love road trips so when the water pump was done, we were itching for the road. Impulsively, with the sky looking like rain we just knew we wanted to drive out and be in it. Reckless? Maybe a bit. But as they say, well behaved women rarely made history.

The rain and we never met up. After driving a while up the Bush highway we had turned back and found ourselves at McDonalds to use the free wifi and have some ice-cream before deciding what next.

We found the start of state route 88 and knew the drive would be scenic up along the lake and Tortilla Flat. But then we just kept going... And going... And going. Route 88 goes to Roosevelt Dam, but it follows the Apache Lake and Salt Rivers first. It was a beautiful drive and we were taking what comes. As we reached a point in the road that meets the shore of the lake and river bank I remembered seeing something on a sign about a junction to
Highway 188 and FELT that in a few miles we would meet a paved road. I wondered if that would be better for getting home since dark was coming soon.

Sadie got quiet and just said, "Mom it's time to turn around.". I told her what I felt about the pending highway and we discussed options. We drove quiet a minute and feeling her next to me I told her, "okay I heard you.". Even though she had said nothing else, I heard her voice in my head as clearly as I'd heard her before and just told her, "okay I'm turning around.". She insisted she hadn't again said anything but had been thinking it.

We had a beautiful, dark and winding drive home. With the moon roof open we could see the stars and feel the humid evening air, and smell that roasted-peanut scent created by the burned area along the highway. We saw critters, listened to music, talked and laughed and never questioned our judgment about taking the dirt road back in the dark.

This morning I decided to look at maps of the area on my computer. Sure enough, when we turned around we were just about 3-4 miles from the paved road. However, taking the paved road either direction would have taken us another hour further from home and that wasn't a great thing either.

Proof positive of two things... Two heads are better than one, and families need to listen to each other. Both of us were correct, and either way we would have been fine, but in the interpretation of our impulses, we got home quicker by going back along a road where we were the only car we saw.

I'm very proud of Sadie for quieting herself and listening to what she felt without letting it panic her.

Two heads are better than one.
Listen closely to the people who love you.
Then you'll have it made.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Balance of honor

I was reading today about the Samurai. My son had been watching a show called, "The Deadliest Warrior.". The show examines the tools, creeds and strategies of warriors ancient to present and pits two styles against each other in pseudo scientific examination of prowess, followed by simulated challenges.

Today it was the Apache Warrior versus the Samurai. The Samurai was one of the most heavily armored soldiers for their time. Defense of self in order to preserve the cause was important. But what the Samurai are famous for is the code of Honor.

The violence of the Samurai was exacting. But he was also taught the wisdom and serenity of the Shinto and Buddhist disciplines. The result was a warrior who did what was necessary and no more. He could master this because honor came before power; not in it for himself, the objective was precise self control rather than control of others.

The Japanese word for the Samurai life is Bushido. Summarizing information from Wikipedia, there are three parts and implications to the word. The first implied halting aggression by use of the sword; the second represented complete and well-rounded education; and the third depicted intelligence by an eye to suggest constant, intelligent observation. I take this to mean defensive necessity moderated by knowledge and preventing impulsive acts with keen observation.

The code is worth pondering at least. (Too bad our politicians aren't required to complete Samurai training...)

Vulcan, Yoda, Samurai; emulate any of these and you're in pretty good shape.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sampling the sisters...

And I don't mean making the rounds in a convent. Sorry those of you who find that irreverent. Warning before you continue, I may ramble. "No! She's never done THAT before!". (Oh... Somebody has changed her mood!)

So what do you get when you cross a Capricorn woman with her Taurus Moon? That would be me in a frenzy trying to make efficient work of a PERFECT parking spot to view the full moon. Practicality versus romance, right. La Luna, it's all her fault. Joyce I can hear you laughing.

Now to my topic. I was given some sisters through the magic of DNA. Others were found and chosen along the way because DERE'S NO ACCIDENTS. (This is surely the goofiest attempt at an acronym ever!). For real though, I have some great ladies in my life. My sisters are strong and daring women who know their limitations and face them with dignity; have made mistakes and owned them, marched to drummers only they can hear, provided the world with something to laugh about; and as they do it all they lick a finger and let it sizzle on the keister like they just crossed home plate in a pair of stilettos.

Hahaha! I love it. No bragging rights here. No disillusionment about being entitled for *arrival*. Truly, my sisters know there is no such thing as arriving. We are all here to figure it out and we just keep going, knowing our individual and collective somewheres are going to be fantastic! We love the dust because it means we had FUN and we picked up a few tricks along the way. In fact, if there's one thing that bothers us all, it's the ones who refuse their own imperfections resting their sense of going somewhere on determining who is NOT going with them.

I got to visit tonight with one such sister, and it was she who inspired this raucous rant. Here's to you, Super Bud! I'm GLAD you are real and smart and full of simple truths.

And as a side note I'm glad the sudden impulse for the coffee shop hit so I could run into another sister who for the good of educating children, needs to meet another of my chosen sisters.

Tonight for the full moon, there is nothing more I could ask. I'm still riding high on my last supplication and would feel ungrateful to seek any more for myself than the hope, faith, and love I've already been given. Thank you world, thank you universe, thank you God, and thank you circumstance for providing me a wealth of things that really count!

Here's to you, Sisters. You know who you are!!

I'm not often at a loss for words...

Today I realized it's been several days since I made a post. It's not usually something I have to make myself do. I just write what comes to me. Can't really put my finger on what's different these days, except that since the moon moved into Capricorn opposite it's ruling Saturn there's an energy in me that's just a little out of sorts.

My mother used to tell me, "If you did anything as well as you talk, you'd be in business.". Usually this happened when she found me distracted from a task because there was just something I had to say. I laugh now, and see this expressive side of me still.

Except I have learned a lot about when NOT to speak my mind. Sometimes there isn't bound to be a good result. Other times, it's just not my place.

I didn't say what I wanted yesterday. I couldn't so I didn't. It was one of those times when it wasn't my place. And then today I find myself in a position to help my daughter find her voice. Again, it's not my place to speak except to encourage her to speak HER mind. I COULD try to speak up for her but in the long run she'd be no better off.

She recognizes now the value in giving her dad a chance to hear her out. It's been quite a road. A few winds and turns and thorns in the bushes. But she's a rose and thorns are worth it. She might be able to do what I could not, and finally teach someone to listen. Along the way she will remain more open than I was for a very long time.

I hope he will really hear her. I am remaining optimistic that the father-daughter bond will be a more potent medicine than resistance to mate was. She's a very brave young lady and has carefully thought for herself.

She has two parents. It's my job to foster either bond in whatever way I can.

Wow. Guess I did have something to say.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

power, present and future

That recent morning when I took my kids to breakfast, my son did something he does frequently and that is step in to help his way.  He's programmed to be this way and it's a good thing.

My breakfast plate was more full than I anticipated and the waitress brought me a to-go plate.  It was one of those black plastic dishes meant for the microwave, and the clear plastic dome lid had to be put on and snapped all around afterward.

Without missing a beat my son reached in to hold the plate still while I scooped the food onto it, then he went to fix the lid in place.  Of course it would have been faster to do it myself.  But why take that from him?  I told him I thought it would give a little snap and just waited.  One section needed a last pinch which I did as I handed it to him and asked him to be in charge of it to the car.

"Use all your powers today!"  This is my parting salutation to him most mornings when he leaves the car for school.  See, no matter what other methods there are to cope with things in the life of a kid, nothing is as meaningful as his own control and self esteem.  If anything else is suddenly removed, he's gotta have that.

In the case of my breakfast leftovers, using all his powers was exactly what he did.  Had I been too quick to insist on my own speedy way of handling it, I would have robbed him of the power I claim to encourage.

My son is a future man.  I see a pretty wonderful guy in his future.

I think the lesson here isn't just for raising kids.  All of us craves personal power.  In what way can we allow others to have their sense of it?  More often than not, and when the stakes are low, we lose nothing by letting go or cooperating.  Powerful humans never impart too much of what is best had through another's experience.

Bless you,

*** Powerful Human is a registered trademark.  Used by permission of the owner.
Author retains all rights.  See link at bottom of this site for more information.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Love eludes until

a heart can satisfy itself,
respect is fist,
and we see one for their potential though they aren't yet...

we walk hand in hand when we don't see eye to eye,
your needs are paramount to mine,
and seeing you happy makes me happy even when I can't bring it;

you forgive when I forget,
and fear isn't in charge because trust is bigger.

"the heart must pause to breathe..." ~ Lord Byron

It is better to give. It is hard to wait. But the heart grows stronger still. When the door is closed we may have no knob. The task is not to beat the door in, or even knock three times. But whisper the truth or sing a little song and keep an eye out for that window.

A door forced open means you never left an old place. Who's hand is that pulling back the curtain?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Little things count.

Grass under my feet,
A puddle on the concrete,
A dog who remembers a friend,
Concealed laughter and the comfort of standing near;
The moments you think about for a week.

And then there's having the right repairman to fix a garage door at huge savings; the day after the wrong handy man served his purpose of getting the garage door closed securely about an hour before that dust storm hit.

Just this morning I woke up early knowing it was time to finish a bit of paperwork and send it by email, even though it was quite early. So I changed my routine, finished the work, and no sooner did I send that email when my daughter messaged that she and her brother were alone at their dad's house and would I come get them for breakfast?

So off we go, with my impulse for the Waffle House over-riding the proximity of McDonald's. There she is... The diner waitress named "Grandma". And suddenly I'm reminiscing with my kids about my own grandmother who used to stage her kitchen like a diner with herself as cook and waitress whenever grandchildren slept over.

We laughed and talked and had a good time. And then my son who is nine says out of the blue, "I wonder what the year 2060 will be like. Haley's comet will be back then too..." and I am flabbergasted because of the other one who used to tell me how he knew the year 2060 would be significant and he's going to live to be 100+ so he can observe it.

After I stop my head from spinning I look back at my week and see that for whatever reason I am so often taken care of. I will absolutely tell anyone how convinced I am that most blessings in my life are for direct benefit of my kids, not me.

But I've also learned two things for certain in the last couple of years. Following your intuition and trusting your deepest instincts is a must. When you do, you can remove worry and see choices with calm discernment.

And this, that a habit of seeing the glass half full brings blessings to view as if out of the woodwork. Try me...

With gratitude!

Mon Papillon

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the dust will settle

My kids think the word "haboob" is pretty funny, and I guess it is. But it's actually the original Arabic word for a large dust storm.

That's exactly what we had in the Phoenix Valley yesterday. And usually our dust storms bring the promise of a rain storm in the near future. So this brings me to the current bug in my ear.

Today after the dust has settled and I've sprayed off my car, the kids and I found videos on YouTube to look at the storm from all sides. This is like life. We are most often better off waiting until the dust settles to examine an issue from all sides. Only then do we see clearly.

Tips for dust storms:

Watch from shelter to avoid the thick of it.
Keep your mouth shut!
Prepare for a bit of clean up.
Pause and wait for rain.
After that, there may be a rainbow.

Here's to riding out storms and better forecasts for all!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A friend in need,

Is a lesson indeed.

Yesterday I was the recipient of a friend's help. This gal trusted me when I said I couldn't handle something alone and she acted without reservation. Having that understanding is golden.

So is the lesson I learned again. Generally, I'm one who doesn't like asking for help. I'm pretty independent and the thought of inconveniencing someone bothers me a lot. But when there really is a situation or task I can't take care of alone I will ask a favor. It's an interesting contrast to the fact I'd never turn down helping a friend who needed it.

The lesson is in trusting people a little bit more, and in being ready to seek help when there is a need. It's also about doing what ever is necessary to avoid those situations first.

Does anybody hear "balance" again?

I could kick myself for needing somebody's help; or I can remember that I'm only human and go forward knowing the incident was unusual and unintentional. Wisdom gained and I'm in charge here, after all.

Sometimes being in charge means TAKING charge, putting aside the pride and getting assistance to make something right. If I don't there is only myself to blame.

To friends everywhere...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

a balancing act

There won't be a picture of the author en pose. Sorry folks!

But this particular pose has me thinking today. First, I was elated this morning to achieve the Shoulder Pose close to perfect for the first time. I was outside in the warm morning breeze on my yoga mat on the back patio. It was a close connection to the air around me and the blue sky around my legs. As I went into plow, then came down to the prone position I thought how coincidentally this flow occurred with finding some other balances in life as of late.

Getting into this pose is part of the trick, raising the legs from your center with just enough energy to bring you straight without going over unexpectedly. It occurs to me how many of my posts this last month have focused on some kind of balance, as we have moved through a very energetic phase of nature/nurture/newness brought on by changing times and forces outside ourselves.

I once wrote a note to myself; "if it requires no action, it deserves no RE-action.". And that my friends brings us back to the power of Gandhi from the inside out, and the ability to handle the realities like a Vulcan when necessary.

These discussions I've been having are first, with my Self. I mean only to celebrate with gratitude when I say that I have finally found a good measure of freedom from the burden of pointless reactions.

In anger or in Love, kindness is sometimes doing nothing. When we can do noting BECAUSE we expect nothing then we know compassion without condition is within reach and we can then decide to act from motives free of control.

Loving someone is purest when respect governs ahead of ownership. Even this is a balancing act. With enough practice we can maintain our pose as if it's second nature.

Love and Light,

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Yoda a complete sentence cannot make.

But all the same his single lines of wisdom carry a very zen feel. Don't really know why this would occur to me today, but I was amused with his voice in my head. And I realized that what really happens with his grammar is meaningful emphasis on the ideas that count. Try these:

Honest you should be.
Powerful you are.
Forgive you must.
Be happy, you should.
Meditate you will.
Focus you must.

Or for others;
Love you, I do.
Beautiful you are.
Please me you do.
Proud of you, I am.

Go ahead, try it you should.

We might choose our thoughts more carefully if we knew they would have that much emphasis.

May the force be with you!

And don't forget, eat a good lunch you should. (hahaha those who know me will get it.)