Saturday, January 24, 2015

Right or Required?

If there's one thing I have learned it's the frequent difference between what is the RIGHT thing to do, and what is the REQUIRED thing to do.  Think about it.  It is evident all through our societies, our political systems, and the lives of people.  So many are trying to skate through life on minimums and stay ignorant of the brighter possibilities.  But why?

You raise the vibration of your days by choosing to see life from the perspective of what is right.  It's a sense of honoring the divine... the living practice of "Namaste'".  Finding your higher self means serving the greatest good.  There are so many ways to apply it.

Ultimately, this gap between what is REQUIRED and what is RIGHT is a determining factor in our own happiness.  It comes to whether we wish to see the world from inside a gulch, or up on the hillside.


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Listen to the Wheel of Energy

I hope I can relate everything that is in my mind and heart right now.

The other day Joyce told me "Listen to your heart" when I ran an idea by her.  As I thought about her nudge Spirit gave me a way to articulate what I have spent several years learning: "Most often, listening to your heart takes longer than hearing your mind."

Haha!  Maybe that's because my brain is closer to my ears than my heart!  I guess this means we have to be darn sure we know the difference between heart and brain messages.

I had a good conversation with my mom today and after we hung up what welled inside me was an emotional application to the Qi Gong flow "The Wheel."  In this flow, the spine flows as your hands move in a circle around and in front of the trunk of your body.  The hands pull back below the hips and you move them upward toward your head, then forward from your ears and back down below the navel.

It dawned on me that my hands are flowing in the same direction as the CHI, or life energy that flows inside me.  Up the spine from the lower Tan Tien, to the Upper Tan Tien in my brain, and down through the Mid Tan Tien which is seated at my heart chakra.  Up the back, down the front.  Up the back, down the front.  Up the spine, and down through the heart chakra.  This is vitally important when I think about listening to my heart.

Lee Holden teaches about Yin and Yang, that the opposing energies travel up the back of the body, and down the front of the body.  Yang rises in the back of the body, Yin flows down, and it cycles. Yang is a powerful physical energy where Yin is the subtler but still powerful emotional energy.

We could have a whole discussion about how healthy chakras bring all that energy together in your seven critical points.  But that's another day.

When an emotional reaction rises from my gut, where the most base energies are, it rises with the energy in my body to my mind.  If I allow the mental impulses I feel based on that to take over, then the emotional energy I am feeling is UNFILTERED by the energy in my heart, and possibly without reaching the more pure awareness of the upper Tan Tien in the upper brain.

NO WONDER it takes longer to listen to the heart!  It's the natural flow!  It makes so much sense to me now.  Not only does my energy flow down the front of the body through the heart center, but along it's path through my head is where it can meet with the energy of Rei, or enlightened energy from the divine source.  If I keep myself open, then this enlightened energy grows in my heart and leads me to action that serves TRUTH, not reaction.

But I must allow it to occur.  It takes longer to listen to my heart, than to my head.

Here is a very interesting article the explains the three Tan Tien, or seats of energy in the body:
The Three Minds
An explanation of the Yin and Yang is here:
Yin and Yang

If you are caught with a bug of curiosity regarding Qi Gong, please visit the website for Lee Holden, a recognized master of Qi Gong in the United States.  His way of teaching has woken me, even though I thought I was awake before.  The link below will take you to my personal favorite of his videos to begin a Chi journey that feels both physical and spiritual.

Deeper Flow


Thursday, December 18, 2014


Today was such an interesting contrast for me.

At school another person scolded me for "wasting time" trying to find a 4 year old's jacket so it could be returned home before break.  In truth, someone else COULD have done that task but from what I observed, it wasn't going to happen.  So I jumped in.  I should never have to explain that.

On the other hand, when I had left work and MIGHT have been the recipient of some empathy and un-required flexibility the other person (remaining nameless) could not see it in his heart to show some holiday spirit.

Whatever right?  Maybe.  I have learned that though I'm a person who tries to offer kindness in life, others will NOT always see things the same way and offer me the same behavior.  I try not to base my actions on exactly and only what is fair.  I'm no saint but I think generally my heart is in the right place.  

As disappointed as I am feeling today because this particular wound is close to my "mother heart" at Christmas time, I have to remember that giving means GIVING.  I can't allow disappointment to keep me from giving grace the next time I have the choice.

What is Christmas if not the greatest celebration of Grace?  Jesus was wounded for us all.  Thank God that he didn't withhold Love, Service, and Forgiving because we don't merit these gifts all on our own.  Who am I to fight that pattern?

Monday, October 20, 2014


You know how sometimes you don't know what to write and so you just sit down and start putting on the paper the first thing that comes to you head?  NO?  Well, I do.

I'm not usually one at a loss for words.  But it seems that the calmer my life gets, the less I need to discuss it.  I am introspective after all, and comfortable with self-review but what better time to do that than when times are tough...

So now, times aren't that tough.

And now comes the grateful part.

Somehow, Grace and Love have been in charge.  I'm still not made of money.  I'm still not perfect.  I haven't been freed from yolks of responsibility.  But things have come around and my family is surviving.  My ex even attended church with my children this last weekend, and we all sat on the same bench.  Man if that wasn't surreal.  But I can tell you that if forgiveness hadn't been a rule in our family the last little while it never would have happened.  Finally we parent like parents should and it's pretty easy.  I learned that his need to be reassured he's not under attack is none of my business to fix, but putting the kids first means working around it.

And I met someone who interests me.  That's icing on the cake.  Who knows if there's really any cake under that icing but who cares?  The sugar rush is fun.

I'm learning to love my home.  It's only going to satisfy me as much as I love it (love being a verb...).  Forget why I'm here and how because it's water under the bridge.  In time I'll appreciate all the purpose in it.

Time heals.  Life teaches.  People grow and the Universe goes on pouring out magic.

Open your eyes.  Stick out your tongue and let it rain down.  Isn't that sweet?

Monday, September 1, 2014


    Appreciating bubbles is like having faith.  When we were children we enjoyed them and loved how they float with grace, and believed that a little soft "wind" could create them every time.  We didn't ask all these questions about how it worked, we just accepted it.  Bubbles were magical.  Where is that feeling?  I say we can still find it!  It's Universal Love at work.  Open your heart and float!

    Bubbles come and bubbles go, but the magic that creates them is the constant.  Stay in a flow of LOVE and you'll never be short on magic.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Chasing chickens?!

A week ago my ex husband called me.  He was planning a road trip with the kids to to see his family for a reunion.  This much I already knew.  "Are you busy?... You're not still in church are you... I'm not bothering you?... Well, can I ask you a favor?"

He has chickens in his back yard and he had no one to check on them while he's gone.  Kinda funny really him asking me this favor.  But it's a good funny because history has been corrected and in the present we get along just fine.  "Okay," I said "but I've never taken care of chickens so you'll have to show me what to do."  That evening I drove out to pick up my son and got the required lesson.

This morning I went to check on the hens another time.  Given we had rain in the valley I knew there was potential for wet chicken feed, etc.  Sure enough, the coop roof had leaked and the feeder was all gummed up.  The texture of wet chicken feed is kind of like Grapenuts Cereal that sat far too long in the milk and got thick again.  And there was a lot of it to scoop out by hand.

In the process of getting the feeder moving again I noted that the contraption was placed right under where the coop roof is split.  I decided to rectify that before tending to the water system.  This meant taking off the cover, lifting the bucket heavy with feed, moving the cinder blocks it rested on, and putting it all back together.  I'm thinking, "Chicken I'm your new best friend," to the hen who sat there clucking loudly and switching feet over and over again at me.

Then I turned to the water system.  I went back out of the coop for the hose.  All of this back and forth has to be carefully done because we live in Coyote country and letting the hens loose with no one home would be disaster.  I managed to get the hose in and fill the trough.  Then after closing the coop and turning off the water across the yard I noticed water flowing from the trough onto the ground.  Oh you didn't get it tight at the top!  I hurried back toward the coop with the hose in hand.  By this time I'm a bit flustered with all the water and my mistake.  So as I placed the hose and turned back to go start the water, there go the chickens!!  All three of them, right out the door running freely in the yard.  This was the only time I said, "Oh shit."

The best I could do was attend to the present task and finish the water system, then worry about the hens.  I left the door open and ran the yard.  Fortunately I had latched the side gate coming in. Then, I watched to see where each hen had gone.  There was no point trying to catch them or shoo them in to the coop.  Ya right like they'll listen!  However this house is too far from mine to make frequent trips efficient.  And even if I let the hens roam all day and come back at night to close the coop, there's a good chance the Coyotes in the area will have picked them off.

I've worked hard at learning to stay calm when unfortunate things happen.  This way awareness takes over and I can think productively about "what next" instead of laboring with panic.  I stood there a minute and the voice says "Chickens hate water."  That's it!!  The hose!  I can corral those chickens with the threat of SPRAY!

By now the yard was already getting wet so I didn't care about mud on my feet.  It was comical really, me standing with the hose, running the yard to aim the spray and get the needed result.  In my mind, I imagined that my intuition and use of Reiki gave me some kind of telepathy.  NO chicken not that way!  Run the other way!  That's it chicken, out of the shrub.  Thata girl!  The coop is that way!

It worked!  I had corralled three hens back across the yard and into the coop!  And I was in hysterics!  I am the chicken whisperer!!  I laughed about it all the way back home.

I feel so satisfied about leaving things right.  I feel even more satisfied about improving the feeding arrangement.  You didn't have to do that.  Ah but yes I did.  In the words of Deepak Chopra, "What would love do?"

All in a day's work!  Fortunately, actually chasing down chickens was not required.  Love showed me what to do today.

God bless your day,


Sunday, July 6, 2014


A dear person served to remind me this week about a book that changed me.

I believe I have mentioned it before but I will again.  "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz is a grand, small work that makes the simplest of thoughts become a paradigm-shifting program for life.  It is a quick little read, well-written and easy to understand.

1. Be impeccable with your word.
2. Don't take anything personally.
3. Don't make assumptions.
4. Always do your best.

Of course, this list doesn't make it clear.  It's the way the author describes them and provides direction about how to APPLY them to life that gets in the heart and begins to affect your beliefs.  I really encourage anyone to read the book.

The Four Agreements have been posted on my fridge since soon after I read the book.  I don't even recall; was it three or four years ago?  I can tell you that though I am not perfect with consistent application my life's experiences have overwhelmingly changed for the better.  It was Joyce who suggested I read it and if she were standing right here I'm sure she could attest to the greater peace I have gained.

I am a more spiritual person.  I have more patience and a greater ability to let go of things that are not mine to bear.  My emotions are every bit as strong and I love just as deeply but I am able to not let that control me.

Lessons I have learned include:

1. Not every honest thought is full of truth.  Honesty can pass but truth will be the constant.
2. Pausing before reacting is ALWAYS the smartest move.
3. Patterns of thinking and behaving that lead to assumptions are insidious; caution and frequent self review are needed.
4. Doing my best breeds self love and service to others without feelings of resentment.

Some people say that "people really can't change," but I believe that's hogwash.  Those who think that people can't change are the ones who have focused on trying to change someone else.  The truth is we can not make anyone else change, EVER.  The only thing we can ever change is self.  And the only thing accomplished by trying to control another person is losing control of ourselves.

I have a beautiful gift in my house from a family member.  This Indian sculpture was given to me at a time in my life when she could have the most meaning.

"Dressed in ceremonial white doeskin, an Indian woman presents herself as an offering to the Great Spirit.  Many trails have been walked in her life, and now, indicating harmony and a good heart, she signs 'See my clean hands.' "

Trust your higher self to a power greater than us all.  It's all about Faith, Love and Trust.

God bless you and Namaste'.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Something has happened to me.

They say that one should not challenge God for signs, but I believe they happen with serendipity. I submit the following as evidence that my attitude has improved lately. Indeed I've learned some lessons while I've worked on clearing some personal sludge. My concentration on reducing stress opened up my spirit conduit if you will.

Today I remembered that though I've been let down here and there I can't expect God to change my situation in just the way I think. People disappoint, and it's their choice or sometimes their passivity. My school district won't suddenly present a raise. The community won't suddenly be filled with honor all around me. Therefore, I will be taken care of but I have to let go of the HOW.

Today I thought about wanting an entry table. The voice in my head says go to Goodwill and check it out. I did NOT find a table. But I did find two lovely pieces of real silver, no pitting or signs of plating. When I reached the counter I discovered they were having a half off day so I got both pieces for $4.50!! Imagine my delight when they polished up beautifully. The photos show before and after tin foil polishing.

Letting go of control means letting go of fear. Keeping faith means letting go of the details. And as James says in chapter one verse 26, we can deceive ourselves with the tongue. So then complaining can mean a betrayal of my faith.

I stand corrected!! These are truths evident not only in the Bible, but wisdom of friends like Joyce and my experience.

I have spent so much time believing that things in my life happened because of what OTHERS deserved; especially children namely my own or even students. Maybe that's why I succumbed to some bitterness and doubt over an award from my district. But now I have to ask myself, "If I can expect God to bless others through me then why am I not expecting God to bless ME through me because God is IN me like anyone else?"

I'm serious. Something has been happening to me. A pastor says we get what we believe we deserve- another bit of truth whether you heard it in a church or not- but it finally makes sense.

Thank you God for not forgetting me. That's what the silver pieces brought me today.

Namaste' and Amen

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Is your relationship to with stress too intimate?

I want to share something that I wrote for a group of colleagues. We are all under pressure and as the chair of our team, I felt something needed to be said. It follows:

Hello All!

Before I begin, I'd like to say that I have been as guilty as anyone at taking what isn't personal and letting it become a bigger problem.

I think we are all stressed out!! What has happened in education is nothing to wink at, and at the top of the list is the way Patterson has seemed to suffer. It seems like what comes from the top just piles more and more on, doesn't it?

However I know that what (our principal) gives us is what she's being handed without question. And as for special education, well we all operate under a set of rules that nothing and no one can change.

I like to journal my thoughts. That way I don't forget the ones that were important to me. A couple of years ago I wrote down, "If you can't act on it, don't REACT to it."

It occurred to me (along with other things) after reading the book featured in the article below. I'm offering it here not as a lecture but a reminder that we do all LIKE each other. I think the thing is to remember when something happens, that no one INTENDED to attack.

With this comes my apology for where stress has caused discomfort between myself and anyone. I have recently been closely examining my intimate relationship with stress in body and mind and taking measures to scale it way back! The ideas in this book helped me tremendously so I'm taking a reminder course.

And if you're feeling kinda nuts or spread too thin mentally, try this seven minute fix. YES! I've done it, right there in my room. A couple of times someone walked in but it was worth the giggles. ;-) (If you choose to try it remember that deep breathing is the KEY.)

Have a happy week everyone!


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Guided One Liners

Lately guidance has given me two important thoughts to ponder.

"Being authentic is to be in service to our highest selves."

"Knowing what doesn't suit us leaves no reason for animosity when we find and focus instead on what does."

Many other bits of truth seem apparent the longer I think about these. For example, what good is brutal honesty? Does it help me see my highest self, or provide an artificial lift by degrading another?

I like when I have a lot to think about, in simple statements that can apply to most anything.